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Let me start by saying that this website is not associated with any political party. It is a website created by an individual with purely a social purpose. With the vast popularity of social networking sites, it is clear that we love to share our views. I am a big collector of opinions, I love them! We are all unique individuals and our views make the world what it is.

When I first heard the slogan "A future fair for all", me being the deep thinker that I am, started to ponder about what really would make the world a "fair place for all". It seems that what works for one person does not work for another. Could the world ever be "fair for all"? You can take the term and perceive it however you like. Recently I was told a true quote by an organization that I wish for the life of me i could remember, It basically stated that it is not fair or just, it is just law. Regulations and laws are set to bring organization and order to civilization. Unfortunately there will never be a situation where "one size shoe fits all"

I have added A Wall of Change to this website. Please add your opinions. What would you like to see changed that will contribute to making the future "fair for all"?

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